Common Mistake: “In a Newspaper” or “On a Newspaper”

Common Mistake

More examples:

• I read that news in the newspaper.
• I saw that news on TV.
• I heard that news on the radio.
• I read that story in the book on page 57. (The story is inside the book. The story is on [the surface] page 57.)

A systematic analysis of the occurrence of the prepositions “in” and “on” in their core usage as indicators of time and place, helps us establish some key meaning concepts which will aid us in identifying and explaining their extended meanings

ON – is a mechanism which usually describes something in relation to a second, often linear dimension, hence it relates to the calendar (days and dates) and surfaces or lines.
• Write the number down on a piece of paper.
• The picture is on page 10.

IN – is a mechanism for describing something in relation to the things that surround it in time or space, hence it relates to periods of time and three dimensional spaces or containers. It is also used to show when something is part of something else.
• I’ve found one or two spelling mistakes in your essay.


4 thoughts on “Common Mistake: “In a Newspaper” or “On a Newspaper”

  1. “On the Radio” always reminds me one song of the group “The Selecter”. And by the way, with the phrase “on the radio” it had been created quite a lot of songs, including Radio Ga-Ga as the top of mind examples.
    Well, nowadays, even radio is on the Internet 😉


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