About + Gerund and About + To Infinitive

Be about + to-infinitive refers to arranged actions that happen in the immediate future. It is often used with “just”.


• Hurry up! The ceremony is about to begin!
• Do you have a minute? – I’m sorry, I’m just about to leave.


Worry about is a verb-preposition combination that needs a gerund after it. The same as “think about”.


• I worry about having children and not being able to raise them well.
• Do you ever think about getting married and having children?

Be about and Worry about


2 thoughts on “About + Gerund and About + To Infinitive

  1. I have a question for you.
    “I worry about” ini kalau diiartikan bagusnya gimana?
    I worry about going there alone, aku khawatir sepertinya aku akan kesana sendirian, whether it is correct?

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