“I wish he was” or “I wish he were”

Can you answer this quiz? After answering the quiz, you can read the explanation below.

Subjunctive Mood



Here’s the explanation to the quiz:

Subjunctive Mood

When to use he were instead of he was?

In the following examples, you can see that we sometimes use the were-subjunctive (instead of was) after:
as if
Although it sounds strange, we use were for all pronouns, including the first and third person pronouns: I, you, they, we, he, she, it.
• I wish I were rich.
  (Contrary to the fact: I’m not rich.)
• I wish he/she were here now.
  (Contrary to the fact: he/she is not here.)
• I wish it were Sunday.
  (Contrary to the fact: today is not Sunday.)

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