Various Meanings of HAVE

We use  have as a main verb and an auxiliary verb. When have is used as a main verb, it can mean many things, depending on the context. In this lesson, you are going to learn the various meanings of have as a main verb.


Have is used . . .

1. to show possessionPhotoGrid_1464698414633


2. with an illnessPhotoGrid_1464697508409.jpg


3. to mean to eat or drinkPhotoGrid_1464699342448


4. to mean to experiencePhotoGrid_1464702295958


5. to mean to perform an action PhotoGrid_1464699966301

The Americans will mostly use take as in “I just took a long shower” while the British will say “I just had a long shower”.


6. to cause someone to do something for youPhotoGrid_1464700986466.jpg


7. to mean to be pregnantPhotoGrid_1464701234158.jpg


5 thoughts on “Various Meanings of HAVE

    1. Hello, Bikash.
      In “. . . by having to ask for money”, “have” there is is used to express certainty, necessity, and obligation. It functions as a modal auxiliary whose meaning is similar to “must.”


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