Idiom: “Miss The Boat”

In bahasa Indonesia, this phrase means “telat”, “terlambat”, “ketinggalan kereta”.   Example:   A: Excuse me. Is this jacket still on sale? (Maaf, permisi. Apa jaket ini masih diobral?) B: I’m sorry, you just missed the boat. The sale ended an hour ago. (Aduh, maaf. Ibu telat. Obralannya udah berakhir sejam yang lalu.)   Another... Continue Reading →

Confusing Words: Match, Fit, Suit

Try this exercise: Fill in the blanks with match, fit, or suit. The jacket _____ her like a glove. It looked as if it had been made for her. Michelle was trying on her pearls to see if they _____ her purple dress. I don’t think this dress _____ me. I’d prefer something lighter.

Slang: “No Biggie”

"No biggie" is used to say that something is not a big deal; you shouldn't worry about it. This phrase is mainly American. The positive form of this phrase is "biggie" meaning big deal. The word "biggie" in British slang is what a child calls his poo! Now can you imagine what a British child... Continue Reading →

Tip for English Fluency: Do Not Translate!

Another problem with translating is that you will be trying to incorporate grammar rules that you have learned. Translating and thinking about grammar to create English sentences should be avoided because this will slow you down. To help you avoid translating is to watch a lot of television (TV series and talk shows) and movies,... Continue Reading →

Phrasal Verb: “Head For . . .”

Eid Festival is the celebration celebrated by Muslims all over the world after finishing fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. Celebrating Eid Festival is different from one country to another. In this comic, I'm describing what the Indonesians do to celebrate Eid Festival in their hometown. How do you celebrate Eid Festival in your hometown/country?

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