Vocabulary and Expressions Related to Fasting and Ramadan


Ramadan is a special month for all Muslims around the world. We fast during this month, meaning we don’t eat and drink from sun up to sundown. In celebrating this holy month, I specially made this lesson for Indonesian English learners.


1. Break the fast (verb) = berbuka puasa 

2. Fast-breaking (noun) = buka puasa
3. Iftar (noun) = buka puasa
4. Pre-dawn meal (noun) = sahur
5. Eid Festival (noun) = perayaan Lebaran
6. Eid Mubarak = Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri
7. Hometown (noun) = kampung halaman
8. Homecoming (noun) = pulang kampung/mudik
9. Homecoming trip (noun) = perjalanan mudik
10. Iftar gathering (noun) = buka puasa bersama
11. Killing the time before maghrib = ngabuburit
12. Forgive me for all the mistakes I have made against you = mohon maaf lahir dan batin
13. Religious holiday allowance = THR

Do you have any questions related to fasting and Ramadan? Leave them in the comment.

Special thanks to Aries Gabriel, Yayat EC, and Zahra Aman El-Baha for contributing some questions related to Ramadan.


4 thoughts on “Vocabulary and Expressions Related to Fasting and Ramadan

  1. My local society has a special word called “KALLA” . If someone doesn’t fast for one or two days, means he/she has one or two “KALLA”. Is there any a specific word to say the word in English?

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