Common Mistake: Thank God or Thanks God


I’ve seen many English language learners write “Thanks God it’s Friday!” Sorry guys, it’s wrong. You can either say “Thank God it’s Friday!” or “Thanks to God it’s Friday!”, but never Thanks God it’s Friday!” Thanks to God is a shortened version of thanks be to God. In this article I’ll show you how to use thank, thanks, and thank you the right way.

Thank (verb)
– There’s no need to thank me. Anyone would’ve done the same.

Thank (noun)
– Thank God it’s Friday!

Thanks (plural noun)
– A simple bouquet of flowers can be a nice way to say thanks.

Thanks to (preposition) means because of.
– Thanks to him, we’re able to finish the project.

Thank you is formal while thanks is informal.
– Thank you for helping us.
– Thanks for helping us.


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