Oh, get over yourself!

Get over yourself is often said to someone acting in a snobbish or superior or overly self-involved manner; it simply means jangan ge-er (gede rasa) in bahasa Indonesia. Here are some English phrases related to ge-er: - Get over yourself! = Jangan ge-er deh! - I'm blushing. = Gue jadi ge-er nih. - I don't want... Continue Reading →

Common Mistake: Thank God or Thanks God

I've seen many English language learners write "Thanks God it's Friday!" Sorry guys, it's wrong. You can either say "Thank God it's Friday!" or "Thanks to God it's Friday!", but never "Thanks God it's Friday!" Thanks to God is a shortened version of thanks be to God. In this article I'll show you how to use... Continue Reading →

Slang: Dumb

Dumb /dʌm/ As an adjective, it means stupid or unintelligent, but as slang, it functions as an adverb, meaning very. Examples: That exam was dumb hard! The journey to Budapest was dumb long. She is dumb tall.

“Why the long face?”

Example: It's your birthday, Demi. Why the long face? Meaning: Why do you look so sad on your birthday? Synonymous: - Why are you sad? - Why are you unhappy? - Why are you upset?

Phrasal Verb: Get together

  If two or more people get together, they meet each other in order to do something or to spend time together.   "We should arrange a get-together with our friends from college soon." Get-together (noun) means an informal social gathering or meeting.

Slang: “Hit the hay”

The phrase hit the hay simply means go to bed. The term hay was used in the USA to mean bed. In the early 20th century, the mattresses were often sacks stuffed with hay (hence the similar phrase hit the sack). Synonymous: Catch some Z's meaning to sleep. Example: All I want to do is go home and catch... Continue Reading →

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