Conversational Deletion

In English grammar, normally every sentence should have a subject, for example I gotta go now”; however, in spoken English, there’s a tendency to drop the subject I and you and the auxiliary verb in statement and interrogative sentence. We call this conversational deletion.


Gotta go now. (I gotta go now.)

See you later. (I’ll see you later.)

Got a minute? (Have you got a minute?)

Mind if I sit here? (Do you mind if I sit here?)

See what I mean? (Do you see what I mean?)

Wanna ride? (Do you want a ride?)

Hope this lesson will help you understand when native speakers speaking and will make you speak English more naturally. Got any questions? Feel free to ask me and leave your comment in the comment box. Did you notice I just used coversational deletion in my sentences? 🙂

Hope this lesson … (I hope this lesson …)

Got any questions? (Have you got any questions?)


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