Tag Questions: The Quiz

Before you answer these quizzes, you might want to read this lesson on Tag Questions first. You can check out the answers, along with the explanation, at the end of the quiz.

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2. PhotoGrid_1457617173122.jpg

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7. PhotoGrid_1457792917659.jpg

8. PhotoGrid_1457862417645


Check out these answers:

1. B
Use there in a tag when the sentence includes there + a form of be.
 2. D
Use they in a tag when the sentence includes indefinite pronouns such as nobody, no one, someone, somebody, anyone, anybody.
 3. A
Use it in the tag to refer to everything, something, anything, nothing.
 4. B

In this sentence “I’d” is the contraction of I had. Don’t get confused “I’d” = I had with “I’d” = I would.

“I’d” the contraction of I would is followed by verb1.
– I would (I’d) like some more tea, please.
– I would (I’d) buy those shoes if they were on sale.

“I’d” the contraction of I had is followed by either verb3 or better.
– I had (I’d) finished my homework before she came.
– I had (I’d) better go now.

5. B

Use they when the statement in tag question uses someone, somebody, anyone, anybody, no one.

When we want to ask who the person is, but we don’t know whether it’s a male or a female, say Who is it?” unless you already know that the person is a male or a female, then we can say Who is he/she?”

6. B
Use aren’t I as the tag after I am. Am I not is a formal tag.
7. A
Some introductory phrases such as I am afraid, I think, I believe, I am sure, I suspect, I suppose, it appears that, it seems that, it looks as if, as far as I remember, as far as I can see don’t affect question tags.
8. B
The same as number 7.
How well did you do the quizzes? Did you nail all of them?

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